At Cleveland Lower Extremity Specialists, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!


I was referred to Dr. Clougherty from St. John Medical Center’s emergency room, after I had fractured my foot/ankle. From there Dr. Clougherty explained to me I fractured my talus and I would need surgical repair. “I felt comfortable/confident prior to surgery because Dr. Clougherty was very tentative and nurturing.” After surgery was “surprisingly manageable.” The doctor “took care of me extremely well…anything I needed was taken care of immediately. I would refer anyone to Dr. Clougherty simply because he cares. When he walks into the room you get a huge sense of relief. Going through this process is extremely scary, from the first time I had shook his hand I knew everything was going to be fine. I am very grateful and appreciative of all Dr. Clougherty has done for me. Nine months after surgery I am back to feeling like myself again. I can run, perform exercise that I thought I would never be physically able to do again. Leave your life in Dr. Clougherty’s hands and you’ll be just as grateful as I am.”


I came to Dr. Clougherty because I was in pain and was not receiving answers from my previous doctor of why I was in pain and what could be done. Dr. Clougherty removed 14 screws and 2 plates from my leg and ankle from a previous surgery. I feel comfortable with Dr. Clougherty because of “his confidence he could do the procedure.” After the surgery I was “painless…and healed quicker than expected.” Anyone who needs a podiatrist who is “friendly, easy to get in contact with, and confident in his set of skills should see Dr. Clougherty.”


I was referred to Dr. Clougherty from my rheumatologist who told me I needed a surgeon. Dr. Clougherty examined me and said I would need an ankle fusion done to help alleviate my pain. I went forward with the surgery because I felt confident in his diagnosis and felt comfortable with how “honest and straight forward he was with me.” The process after surgery was amazing if any issues arrived I was immediately cared for either by getting into the office within 24 hours, or a phone call from the doctor himself. I would refer anyone to Dr. Clougherty “because they will be cared for appropriately and to the highest standard of care. Not only procedures but complete patient care.”


I was referred to Dr. Clougherty from my general practitioner. I was having pain in both of my feet, and he was able to take me to surgery and fix both of them at the same time! “He was very attentive to what my concerns were and addressed them” all before surgery. It was “unbelievable” after surgery I was walking the same week, and he remained very involved in my follow up appointments. “I am very happy with the results, very little down time, and his appointment availability, there were no long waits to get into the office.”


I was quite satisfied with my first visit in the office of Clespecialists.  Office was nicely kept and staff was professional. Dr. Mark Razzante was exactly the doctor I have been searching for.  I am a senior and he treated me with respect and understanding.  I was referred to this office by my friend, which is a blessing to me. I will continue to use his services and have already suggested to another senior to consider making an appointment with this office with Dr. Mark Razzante.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I can finally walk around pain free.

Stephanie De Leon

Dr. Razzante provided me with excellent care when I needed it the most.

Jennifer R.

Dr. Greeen is gentle when it comes to foot care.

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